The Giants of Mont’e Prama

The Giants of Mont’e Prama statues were found by mere chance in a field in March 1974 in an area called Mont’e Prama, near Cabras. They are nuragic statues all-round carved in local limestone. Their height varies between 2 and 2.5 meters. The excavations between 1975 and 1979, brought back to light about five thousand fragments amongst which there were fifteen heads and twenty-two busts. They were safely stored for 30 years in the warehouse of the National Archaelogical Museum of Cagliari, and some most important parts of them were exhibited in that same museum. The Giants of Mont’e Prama came to a second life only recently. In fact after 40 years the statues returned to Cabras and are exhibited in the local “Giovanni Marongiu” museum. They represent the history of the Sinis and of the Nuragic Age in Sardinia. You will be able to see six statues and four Nuraghe models which were also found during the same excavations back in 1974. Touch screens will allow you to go through all the phases of the excavations and to observe in great detail all the features of these amazing statues which represent an amazing part of Sardinian history.