It all started back in 1974 when Salvatore Meloni had the idea to build a restaurant and named it Sa Pedrera after the area, which in local dialect means stony ground. He had already finished his studies specializing in hotel and restaurant activities and he travelled abroad, England, France and Scotland to gain quality work experience. However his dream was to go back to his mother land, Sardinia, and start his own business. In 1974 Salvatore, with his wife Rosa and his two young daughters Maria Bonaria and Daniela opened the restaurant, right in the middle of the fields, with no other buildings around it and facing the beautiful lagoon of Mistras where the pink flamingos were the only regular guests. Salvatore died in 1987 but after 40 years, his dream proved to be right! He left this great legacy to his wife Rosa and his family, included his youngest son Nicola, his nephew Claudio and his son-in-law Carlo who together with Maria Bonaria took over and went even further developing, alongside the restaurant, the hotel which Salvatore aimed at building too. After 40 years Salvatore’s family takes great pride in the place they have built and the services they offer to their guests enriched by a lifetime of experience and love for what they do.

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